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South Africa’s Latest Rhino Horn-trafficking Case Could Be Its Biggest Yet!

In a triumph against rhino poaching, two men have been arrested for possession of 167 rhino horns, in what could be the biggest rhino horn-trafficking case ever recorded in South Africa. The arrest was made on April 13. Information from Save The Rhino.

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White Rhino grazing

Gorilla Selfie Goes Viral

Captioned, ”Another day at the office,” a recent image, taken at the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Virunga National Park, went viral.  Uploaded by the Elite Anti-Poaching Units and Combat Trackers, the picture showed ranger Mathieu Shamavu posing for a selfie with two cheeky primates, Ndakazi and Ndeze.

In the selfie, the two gorillas were standing tall and mimicking the ranger’s behaviour.

“In terms of behaviour, they like to mimic everything that is happening (around them), everything we do,” Shamavu told the Associated Press.

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Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Last Remaining Northern White Rhino Caught On Camera

In 2018, Sudan, the last remaining male northern white rhino passed away from natural causes in Kenya, his death signalling the end of the existence of their subspecies.

Not far from Sudan’s grave live Fatu and Najin, mother and daughter rhinos that are now the last known living northern white rhinos on the planet – the two recently photographed by award-winning photographer, Justin Mott – their presence captured on film for all time.

Unfortunately, a loss of habitat and poaching of their valuable horns to be sold on the black market for traditional eastern medicinal purposes has led to the demise of their species.

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