Sit back, relax and enjoy the show… with a glass of wine of course. South Africa is famous for many things, but its wine farms boast some of the best in the world. Like everything else South Africa does, the wine is made with a passion and a special flair and can be drunk alongside some of the most beautiful scenery. If you’d like to age as well as some of these bottles, come check out the 8 best spots to de stress, soak in some spectacular scenery and drink in some liquid heaven in the form of wine.

Babylonstoren Wine Farm


Babylonstoren – mentioned first is the trendy wine farm Babylonstoren, found on Klapmuts Simondium Road, Simondium, it differs from the other wine farms as it places emphasis on organic food and dining. Babylonstoren has two unique restaurants which offer a “pick, clean and serve” philosophy as the food served comes straight from the garden and reflects the season at the time. Along with the restaurants, Babylonstoren offers a bakery and a tea ritual. Babylonstoren dates back to 1692 making it one of the best preserved Cape Dutch farm in the Cape. Along with the wine and restaurants, there are breath-taking gardens, a spa, hotel, cellar and they even offer workshops.

Boschendal Wine Estate


Boschendal – claiming the title as one of the oldest wine farms in South Africa, Boschendal was founded in 1685 and is as exquisite as ever. Some things really do better with age. You can find the wine farm in the Drakenstein Valley (Pniel Road, Groot Drakenstein, Franschoek) among dramatic scenery of mountains, gardens and vines. On the estate are some awesome picnic spots, so its a great idea to take the whole family for a picnic in the tranquil surroundings. Boschendal has a rich history but more recently, in 2013, it was purchased by Sam and Rob Lundie where it has become an agricultural dream allowing local communities to prosper. Boschendal has produced many award-winning wines that have been acclaimed in the international market.

Fairview Vineyards


Fairview – David and Victoria Beckham, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, but there’s no better pairing than Cheese and Wine available at the magnificent Fairview farm. Wine and dine at Fairview where they offer some of the finest of both of those categories while still placing an emphasis on sustainable and artisanal produce. If you, like us are a fan of a good “cheese-and-wine” lunch, then look no further than Fairview. This is done by the micro- businesses that fall under the Fairview umbrella and has been done since its founding way back in 1693. Fairview can be found on Suid- Agter Paarl Road, south west Paarl – well worth a visit.

groot constantia wine farm

Groot Constantia

Groot Constantia – Groot Constantia is easily found in the buzzing city of Cape Town itself on Groot Contantia road, Contantia Cape Town. The wine farm gets its name “Constantia” after the Latin word for constancy or steadfastness which is a principle that Groot Constantia maintains today. A typical day at the wine farm would include exploring the Cape Dutch Manor house, see the wine museum and cultural history museum, wine tasting, inspiring South African art, world class cuisine, chocolate and wine pairing and walking tours of the vineyards and cellars. Sounds like a perfect day in the Cape.

Chamonix Wine Farm


Chamonix – Chamonix does something truly unique. The wine farm experience doesn’t start and end with wine, it has a private game reserve right next door so its not only nature and its beverages that are appreciated, but the incredible wild life as well (TIP: if you ask them nicely they will take youon a gamedrive at dusk with some of their splendid wines !). Not only that, but Chamonix also offers crystal clear, fresh bottled water from the underground springs in the Franschoek mountains. This spectacular experience is located on Uitkyk Street, Franschoek and brings together the synthesis of so many of South Africa’s treasures in a truly spectacular enviroment.

Delaire Graff Winefarm

Delaire Graff

Delaire Graff consider their estate to be the “Jewel of the Cape Winelands” and it would be extremely hard to argue that this is not the case – located off Helshoogte pass in the famous Stellenbosch, Delaire Graff is truly heaven on earth. The majestic scenery is only a start, combined with luxury hospitality and doesn’t get better. Delaire Graff offers smooth and rich wine but also in depth art and culture but hosting some spectacular works of art. It also has a lodge and spa, an estate, dining option and boutiques offering some unsurpassed South African hospitality to all visitors.



Meerlust – Meerlust is proudly a family farm run by the Myburgh family since 1756 and can be found on the Helderberg side of the R310 to Stellenbosch. The farm has a historic manor house, classic wine cellar, family cemetery and a dovecote and bird sanctuary. The grapes grown on the estate for the production of the wine are grown with a special blend of tender love and care as they are carefully positioned to be cooled by the ocean breeze and therefore grow slowly and more succulently.

Spier Wine Farm


Spier– on Annandale Road, Stellenbosch you will be treated to an exquisite wine farm, Spier. Spier is built on a historical legacy but runs with modern times, creating a beautiful blend of past culture and current freshness. Spier is not only committed to its wines and food but to contributing positively to a sustainable environment. To this end, Spier have built an incredible Cheetah sanctuary to raise awareness about the plight of the Cheetah – to see these beasts is in itself an unmissable experience. Along with the wine it offers food, a hotel and a conference space.

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