5 Secret Places to visit in South Africa

So you are considering a vacation in magnificent South Africa? That is awesome, you are truly going to have the vacation of a lifetime. Whether you are coming for a romantic break, or bring the young un’s, you are undoubtedly going to be blown away by all that this incredible country offers. We are sure that you are busy doing your research on things to do and places to visit while in South Africa. Most travel blogs/agents/advisers will advise you on all the traditional places to see. Majestic Cape Town, a real African safari in the Kruger Park etc are GREAT and you MUST have them on your bucket-list, but did you now that there are some REAL HIDDEN GEMS out there that most travel agents will not tell you about? Check out these 5 secret places to visit in South Africa:

Below are 5 of these hidden gems that we really advise you to visit on your trip (that we are almost sure your travel agent won’t tell you about!)

Drakensberg Mountain Range

The Drakensberg is a mountain-range that extends for miles in the Eastern portion of South Africa. It is the largest mountain range in South Africa and is accessible very easily from Johannesburg. There are so many picturesque places to visit in the Drakensberg, they cannot all be listed here, however let it suffice to say that it is definitely worth taking a stop in these incredible mountains. Beautiful mountain passes, serene rivers, absolute breathtaking scenery & lovely little quaint towns are all things that you can expect to experience in the Drakensberg.


Namaqualand is a destination that a visitor to South Africa really should include in your visit. We cannot believe that travel agents/tour guides never seem to mention this incredible region to visitors as it is truly a sight to behold. Namaqualand refers to a large area that covers terrain in both South Africa & Namibia, and for us it is simply one of the most scenic places in the world. It is “flower-country on steroids”. Many different flowers can be seeing in a colourful explosion of all the finest nature hast to offer. Check the Namaqualand page on Wikipedia for more info

The Three Rondawels

Literally around the corner is another spectacular geological wonder which is known as  “The Three Rondawels”. These three astonishing mountains with pointed tops, are amazing to see. Their formation allows them to stand out from the surrounding mountains and they are visible from miles away. There are many viewpoints for visitors to stand and inspect their awe-inspiring majesty. We usually advise visitors to put aside an afternoon, to be able to take in these mountains, as well as Bourkes Luck Potholes (an afternoon is the ideal amount of time).


Dullstroom truly is a hidden gem, and really worth a visit. The great thing about Dullstroom, is that it is a small town on the main driving route between Johannesburg & The Kruger Park, so you can stop off either on your way to the Kruger Park, or your way back. Dullstroom is a very small town, known locally as one of South Africa’s premier fly-fishing locations, but its sheer natural beauty, mountain vistas and gorgeous rivers make it an ideal place to unwind. Check out the pictures of this little haven Dullstroom and you will see for yourself just why we think it’s well worth a visit.

Bourkes Luck Potholes

Situated within easy access from the Kruger National Park, Bourkes Luck Potholes are one of our favourite places to show overseas visitors. These magnificent water features mark the beginning of the Blyde River Canyon (which incidentally is the third largest canyon in the world). They are large potholes that occur in the bedrock of a river and their shape and form are truly incredible to see. It is well worth taking an hour or two wandering around here, and taking in the sheer magnificence of what nature has created. There is a Visitor Centre on site.