South Africa is a traveler’s paradise. Not only does it offer incredible historical significance, the people are friendly and there is a lot of fun to be had! We’ve compiled a list of the best things to do in South Africa. So take a seat, and start planning a trip to South Africa with these great activities.

Go up Table Mountain

Looming large over Cape Town, spectacular scenery is all around with a wide array of outdoor adventures on this iconic mountain. There are hiking trails galore, and the best way to get to the top is by aerial cableway. Once you get there, the fun is just beginning, with both free and paid tours, and lunch options!

Wine tasting in Franschoek

About an hour’s drive west of Cape Town is the savory grape and gastronomic capital of Franschoek, and South Africa’s oldest settlement. Dutch influence runs deep here, as does the French Huguenots, who brought their knowledge of wine-making to the people of South Africa. There are many wineries to sample, making it a great day trip from Cape Town.

Visit Kruger National Park

Located in the northeast part of South Africa, it is one of the continent’s largest game reserves. It’s high density of animals include the “Big 5”: lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants and buffalos. Booking a safari here means you will have a world-class experience in viewing not only exotic mammals, but plenty of birds such as eagles, storks and vultures.

Swim with Penguins

Just a 40-minute drive from Cape Town will take you to another world. One of the few places on the planet where you will find a penguin colony and have the chance to swim with them in their natural habitat. A conservation fee is required to gain access, but once there, you can watch the penguins frolic in the waves (just don’t feed or touch them!)

Explore the cango Caves

These awesome caves are a series of dripstone caverns that open into vast halls of towering stalagmite formations, that carry such names as ‘glass tower fantasy’, ‘the bridal couple’, and ‘the hanging shawl.’ Take an amazing subterranean exploratory walk inside a geological wonder.

Cango Caves Garden Route South Africa

Hike the Garden Route

Along the South Cape, you will drink in the sights of incredible beaches, stunning rock formations and majestic waterfalls as you hike one of the most beautiful spots on Earth. There are several attractions along the Garden Route, including the Knysna Heads and the world’s highest commercial bungee jump of Bloukrans Bridge.

Surf at valley of the waves

An inviting oasis in the heart of South Africa, enjoy both a peaceful sojourn and family fun at this Sun City resort. Picture a palm-fringed beach with crystalline waters. Now imagine yourself on a sun lounger as the sun sets over the valley. This tropical paradise is a short drive from Johannesburg.

Take a tour of soweto

This is a wonderful township in Johannesburg that offers a historical and political perspective of the South African people. Tours of this sprawling township offer a unique insight into the day-to-day living of local residents and you learn about the Soweto uprising of 1976.

Visit the Apartheid Museum

Located in Johannesburg, this museum is one not to miss if you are at all interested in the history and moving story of the history of 20th century South Africa.

Apartheid Museum South Africa